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Gather around and let me tell you a story

2011-02-14 16:57:36 by SkullyIceMage

Beware this story contains a level of absurdity and profanity that can only be achieved whilst slaving away for hours on end in front of a blindingly bright computer (a real dinosaur) and simultaneously wearing a leather bikini ( I ignored this step and humbly think my story turned out twice as good). your produtivity will increase ten fold and get those creative juices flowing like niagra falls (the canadian side, because its better).

Chapter 1

Once upon a time (Because all great stories begin with that) a snowman lay dormant in his bed pondering what most snowmen ponder whilst laying about. The snowman, who was decietfully named Calvin moved his twig of an arm (litterally it was a twig) and placed it akwardly on his chin or at least where a chin would be on a snowman. Calvin who was now finished pondering on snowman things decided it was time to get up and cook a nice hearty platter of Kraft Dinner and maple syrup.
He sat up pulling the delicate silk blanket of of his portly snowman body, still sitting on the bed he began to squeeze both his slippers on simultaneously. Calvin leapt out of the snowbed and landed on the floor next to his tastefully made sock rug. Sliding the lower half of his body towards the door he began to make his way downstairs. Inching his way into the kitchen he turned on the stove and began to cook. Not realizing his possibly fatal mistake Calvin melted into a sloppy mess.

The End

Gather around and let me tell you a story